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To be reasonable, Grish does not declare that her book is any other thing more than the usual “fun dating guide. ”

To be reasonable, Grish does not declare that her book is any other thing more than the usual “fun dating guide. ”

She informs you in advance about“basic Jewish principles” or “extreme holiday traditions like Purim or Simchas Torah. It won’t teach you” But specialists like Dr. Sandor Gardos, that are happy to place their complete names next to statements like, “Jewish guys are always more attentive, ” give the book the veneer of real self-help, and many Amazon reviewers indicate which they got it for advice whenever dating some body Jewish.

So. Harmless silliness? We don’t think therefore. From the upside, the guide could pique a non-Jew’s curiosity about learning just what the hell continues at Purim and Simchas Torah. But beyond that, it just reinforces stereotypes—glib at the best, anti-Semitic at worst—that, ironically, anybody could dispel by themselves by, um, dating a real Jew.

Sadder still, Boy Vey shows that maybe not a great deal has changed since 1978. The Shikse’s Guide makes a decidedly more attempt that is rigorous wit, however the stereotypes remain the exact same: Jewish males as metrosexual mama’s guys who will be neurotic yet offering in the bed room. The publications also share an exhausted yet meta-premise that is apparently unshakable “the Jews, they’re funny! ” They normally use funny terms like yarmulke and meshuggeneh, and they’re funny because their over-the-top club mitzvahs end in slapstick invariably. Also, a bris? Constantly funny.

Why is Boy Vey all the greater amount of grating could be the publishing environment that spawned it. Today, dating publications (a few of which, become reasonable, offer smart, practical advice) replicate like, well, diet books. Anything you need’s a gimmick: Date Like a guy, French Women Don’t Get Fat. Likewise, I’m convinced that Boy Vey ended up being sold on the cornerstone of the title that is punny created at brunch; most of the author had doing was crank out 162 pages of Hebrew-honeys-are-hot filler.